Global warming update

Not PC:

Which means the decadal temperature trend for the period December 1978 through June 2009 remains at +0.13 deg. C per decade, and the difference between global temperatures at present and the thirty-year average is, wait for it, zero.

And there’s not a climate model in the world that ever predicted that.

Berend doing his bit for NZ

Thanks to my Sonja Bakker weight loss program, my waist circumference has now dropped to 100cm...

NZ third fattest nation

The NZ Herald reports:

New Zealand is the third fattest nation in the developed world, a report has found.

The obesity rate among adults in New Zealand in 2007 was 26.5 per cent with only the United States at 34.3 per cent and Mexico at 30 per cent higher, the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Health Data Report 2009 released this month said.

De opstand van de elite

Wat een prachtige intro:

Gewone Nederlanders hebben geen moreel besef. Wij als elite hebben dat wel:

Gewone Nederlanders uiten hun kritiek steeds luider. Dat noemen wij:vergroffen. Gewone Nederlanders spuien hun afkeuring als een agent hen beboet wanneer zij hun persoonsbewijs niet kunnen tonen. Dat vinden wij: agressie. Hun argumenten zijn enkel onderbuikgevoelens. Daarom stemmen zij maar rechts. Gewone Nederlanders onthullen de grootschalige overheidscorruptie op internet. Dat duiden we aan als: wantrouwen. Zij spiegelen ‘de autoriteiten’ hun incompetentie. Dat heet: gebrek aan ontzag. Gewone Nederlanders zijn slécht voor Nederland.

What the riots in China really mean

Perhaps a useful background article: What The Riots In China Really Mean.

The difference between the UK and Zimbabwe?

From the Telegraph:

For the only difference between the UK's current policy and Zimbabwe-style economics is that QE involves the creation of electronic balances rather than actual notes.

That last paragraph will have caused a sharp intake of breath among my friends in the higher-echelons of the UK's economics profession. Unable to dismiss me as a "non-economist", they'll say I'm being alarmist – perhaps due to some kind of personality trait.

I would suggest they sit down, turn off their mobile phones, take a cold look at the evidence and then ask themselves if they've got the guts to help expose the madness of the current policy consensus – the debt-funded fiscal boosts, the non-conditional bank bail-outs and, above all, QE.

The Brits don't have to be afraid of the Muslims taking over. They're detonating themselves right now.

Swedish interest rates: minus 0.25%

The result of cluelessness about the economy? It has destroyed empires before (For example, the Roman empire was destroyed because of economic collapse). Governments and central banks are busy doing the same right now. In Sweden the interest rate has now been lowered to - 0.25%. Minus!

In the clearest signal yet that we are still in a potentially devastating global deflationary spiral, The Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank and the world’s oldest central bank, has effectively cut interest rates to minus 0.25% and has started a program of quantitative easing a.k.a printing money.

I won't print my thoughts about what should be done to central bankers, but Keynesian economics is what kids learn at school, the only thing they know, and what will make them destitute, and they won't even know why or how. And the taxpayers are just sitting back and enjoying their socialist state. Do it, while it lasts.

Sonja Bakker

Ja, inderdaad. Berend is aan het Sonja Bakkeren. Ida doet een beetje mee, uit sympathie. Ik ben volgens mij hier 1 kilo per maand aangekomen. Niet sporten is inderdaad heel slecht als je, zoals mij, de hele dag zit. Gewicht interesseert me niet zo, buikomvang meer. Dit soort statistieken is wellicht niet zo verkwikkelijk, maar goed, ik bgon met een omvang van 102.5cm, en dat is nu zo'n 1.5cm geslonken, dus na 1 week. Helaas nog veel te gaan.

Behalve Sonja Bakkeren ga ik ook naar de gym, dus behalve het dieet zal het ook wel weer het sporten zijn dat hopelijk gaat zorgen om de kilo's weer kwijt te raken.

Class trip to England

Last week I went to England on a class trip. I haven't got any photos yet, so I'll have to do without. One I get some I'll post a few.



Got to school at 6:00am. We left at 6:30 with  a coach for Calais, France. It was about 4-5 hours to get to France, and then about an hour with the boat to Dover. We drove straight on to Canterbury where we did "speaking on the streets", very simple, just find someone and talk to them (piece of cake for me). Next some of us asked if we could go into the cathedral, it was very beautiful, one of the nicest I have seen. We ate at the Mac, and then went to the Even Song in the catherdal. Finally we drove to Royal Tunbridge Wells and went to our host families. I was with 5 other boys. We felt sorry for the lady who had to look after us ;). I slept for 7 hours, not bad, seeing that the people in the room next to hours only slept for 4.


We met at 9am, our group had to walk half an hour as we didn't fit in the car. First we got a guided tour of Royal Tunbridge Wells, we got to drink some iron water which is supposed ot heal anything if you drink 8 liters a day... We learned a lot about the history of the village. Next we did some more "speaking on the streets" and then we got an hour to go shopping. The day before we had driven past the stores and I already knew where I was headed, the Games Workshop of course! I stayed there for most of the hour talking with people. Next we went to do some water activities and team building. First we split into 3 groups and built a raft. We got second into the middle of the lake, but then the side I was sitting on started sinking, so I abandoned our Titanic and hit the water. It was nice and warm, so I paddled around, attacked the other rafts and threw the teachers into the water. Then will the other two rafts headed back to shore we had to get rescued by the speedboats. After that we did some obstacle courses and some other activities. It was all good fun. We got home early and talked with our hostess for a while, and we watched some Mr Bean before going to bed.



We started at 9am as usual and drove toward the chalk cliffs. We stopped half way, admired the countryside and took at walk. Next we went to the small town at the edge of the ocean. You could see 3 of the 10 houses remaining, the rest had fallen into the sea. There was a restaurant, but the rest was abandoned. We climbed down and walked at the bottom of the cliffs. At first we kept our distance, but when we realised that if they came down, nowhere on the beach was safe. It was fun and scary to stand right under the overhanging cliffs, knowing they could come down at any moment. Next we drove to the science center adn observatory. We got a tour and got to do lots of the cool physics experiments they had around the place. It was fun to try out some of the things you always learn about at school. Finally we went to a Strict Baptist Church for the evening service. We got back at about 10pm. When we tunred the TV on, I saw Topgear was on. The next morning it turned out almost everybody had been watching it too.



We assembled at 9am and started driving back. Nothing much happened, we got to Dover, then with the boat to Calais, and then to The Nehterlands with our coach. We ate by the Mac, and got home at 7pm.


It was a very fun and interesting trip. Something I had never done before and someting I will probably never do again.

Reuters making the news

Reuters and AP are the two biggest press agencies, and regularly make up the news. It has gotten to a point that I don't even read AP stories anymore, as they are so notoriously biased. A famous one is making up photographs. Reuters is currently raking fake photos  about a bloodied protestor in Honduras. No doubt to be found in a newspaper near you. (hattip Instapundit).

How things are done in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the 6th most oppressive country, tax-wise. New Zealand is a distant 23rd. This is an evaluation by a Swiss policy institute that compared the OECD top 30.

How things are done in Texas

From all 57 states (by Obama's count) hardly anyone is in the black. Texas is among them. 53% of all jobs created in the U.S. were in this single state. So how do they do it? Glenn Reynolds has an interview with the state's governor.

Among the secrets: the legislature meets only every other year, the other year they have to live under the laws they just passed. Low taxes. Tort reform (everyone knows about the milions you can sue doctors or McDonalds for. What is less well-known is that the Republicans are opposed to this, and the Democrats, supported by the big lawyers in the country, love those big loaw suits) so you don't have to be afraid of someone suing you for millions and lose everything you have nor do you have to pay huge insurance (which of course the customer has to pay as the cost is passed along).

So why come no other states, or other countries, don't do the same? Governor Rick Perry will explain that too.

15 injured in accident with Staten Island ferry

Ferry appears to have lost power just before docking:

It was a frightening ferry ride Wednesday night for hundreds of Staten Island commuters. The ferry slammed into the dock, injuring 15 people.

Dieuwe to England

Just dropped off Dieuwe at school at 6am...


In case people want to read some real facts on Honduras, here two links. The first is "Banana Democrats":

There was a coup all right, but it wasn't committed by the U.S. or the Honduran court. It was committed by Zelaya himself. He brazenly defied the law, and Hondurans overwhelmingly supported his removal (a pro-Zelaya rally Monday drew a mere 200 acolytes).

Yet the U.S. administration stood with Chavez and Castro, calling Zelaya's lawful removal "a coup." Obama called the action a "terrible precedent," and said Zelaya remains president.

The second is A justified coup? from David Farrar:

Zelaya has been elected to a four year term that ended at the end of 2009. The Constitution of Honduras makes it very clear you can not stand for a second term - ever. Article 239 says once you have been President you can never be President (or VP) again.

The constitution is so adamant about the one term limit, it says that if you promote a change to that clause, you lose your public office immediately and can not hold office again for ten years.

The very fact that Obama barely could bring himself to utter a word about the thugs in Iran, but immediately condemned Honduras and sided with Chavez and Castro should already be enough. But read these two excellent articles and you will know more than ever will appear in a newspaper.

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