Anne Roos is klaar om te gaan.

Koffer gewogen: 10.5 kg. Rugzak 5 kg. Perfect.

One more week exactly

One more week to go till we leave!! :D

Im getting ready, most of the bags are packed but things still need to be added. The house is slowly getting tidier, as we need to leave it clean for the next people to move in.

Yesterday I made new computer accounts. This is so the the people who are moving in can have a seperate account and wont use the acounts with all our things on there.

Nederlandse samenvatting

 Hier ook eens wat in het Nederlands. Om al het voorgaande een beetje samen te vatten: We gaan DV 16 december op reis. Het eerste gedeelte zal gaan vanaf Auckland, via Honolulu (Hawaii), Mexico, Washington, New York tot Amsterdam. Daar hoopt onze familie ons op te halen van Schiphol en dan verblijven we t/m augustus in Hoevelaken. Onze kinderen gaan daar naar het van Lodenstein college in Amersfoort.

De afgelopen maand zijn we druk bezig geweest met alle voorbereidingen. Auke heeft New York en Washington voor z'n rekening genomen. Dieuwe heeft Mexico voorbereid en Anne Roos Honolulu.

Coming Fast

 The time is going so fast. We got 1 week left. I'm saying goodbye to all my friends and packing my bags. I also need to finish my research on Mexico (don't want to arrive and have nothing to do).

Only one week left!


Only one week left! I am starting to get exited about going (apart from the bit were we have to go to school in Holland my home country). I have started to clean my room and do other odd jobs to prepare for our world trip. Each one of us (apart from my dad, he is doing al the countries) has been researching a country, so it is my responsibility to find a place to stay and what to do during our days in Honolulu. I have found lots of things to do in Honolulu such as Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor and Honolulu's wonderful beaches.


This is the website of family de Boer: Auke (15), Berend (38), Ida (38), AnneRoos (12), and Dieuwe (13) (left to right):

We live in New Zealand and we are about to embark on a trip around the world visiting Hawaii, Mexico City, New York, Washington and The Netherland for the first leg. We'll stay in the Netherlands for 6 months after which we continue the journey.

On this blog you can follow our adventures. As we are bilingual, articles will be in Dutch and English.

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