Last day in Mexico

Today is the last day in Mexico. We went to the Park. They have many museums there, and we wnet to the Museum of History. It used to be a palace and castle. There are lots of squirrles running around, nad you can feed them. They are almost tame. After the museum we went in paddle boats on the lake. It was fun. We played around a lot.


Here are some squirrles. (I was feeding them)


Here's us in the boats. (Auke and I are going ot turn around and ram)


On Sunday, the kids slept for 15 hours straight, and were still sleeping when we woke them up:

On Monday we went to Teotihuacan, a city build between 100 AD and 750 AD. You could see the biggest structure, later called the temple of the Sun by the Azteks, from afar off. This is taken from the bus:

From North to South there is a road called the Avenue of the Death (we don't know any names the people who build it gave it, these are just names given by the Azteks, people who came 500 years later):

On the left you have the temple of the moon, on the right the temple of the sun. So we began our ways towards them, past other structures and temples. And this is of course also typical Mexico:

A Saturday in Mexico City

And indeed, here at about 6am in the morning, not sleeping for 24 hours or so:

Dieuwe had planned something relaxing as we still had the whole day to go. We went to the Embarcaderos, boats on canals, and absolutely recommended:

But you not only went on the canals, there were merchants everywhere trying to sell you things:

The kids could relax on the deck. The weather was beautiful, as it is here every day, day after day after day:

Honolulu, wrapup

Time to wrap up with some photos and stories of Hawaii that haven't made it to this blog so far. I couldn't get my wireless to work at our hostel in Mexico City, so had to venture out to an internet cafe to use my own computer.

Auke and Dieuwe slept on the same bed. The view of the city, at night or during the day was brilliant.

We had good internet in Hawaii, but expensive, $40 USD per week.

Wherever you are, pizza is the answer if you want to feed kids:

The Dole Plantation was actually quite interesting,especially the tour around the gardens:

And I now know how ananas grows:

There are actually dozens if not mor varieties, so not all varieties look and grow like this, but it is a fairly typical example.

None of the kids blogged about it, but while on board the U.S.S. Missouri we saw an actual nuclear submarine entering the harbour:

According to our guide it had been out on a training mission. And here a close up with the cadets ready to moor the boat:

 We left Hawaii on Friday morning, about 11am. And in style:

The inside was luxurious as well:

And here the plane which took us out of Hawaii, to Los Angeles actually. The plane departed at about 2pm, and we were in L.A. at about 9.30pm local time.

When we went out of the plane, Dieuwe was still reading:

We took the plane to Mexico City at 12pm, which arrived at about 5.30am. And we continued the whole day. So basically 36 hours without sleep. Were we tired!

Mexico Center

Today we went to the old center of Mexico. There is nothing much left of the Aztec temples, as most of it is buried. The city is slowly sinking as it is built on a lake (you can't see the lake anymore as has been covered by dirt).

We learnt a lot about ancient Mexico. Our original plan was to go to a silver village out of town, but we were too late and missed the bus (oh well, as Matthew would say).

Mexico City

This is Anne Roos and me on the metro system in Mexico, as you can see I am bored on the metro. The metro here in Mexico gets you basically everywhere in Mexico City, the tickets are only $2 Pesos =40 cents (NZD) per person.

This is the pyramid of the sun. As you can see it is a large pyramid (the third largest pyramid in the world to be precise). You can climb all the way to the top of this pyramid



Old town

I woke up, had breakfast then we went by metro to this town outside Mexico but we stoped at the wrong station because we were meant to take the bus to the town but we went to the station with the buses but it was meant to be a different one far away so we didn't do the the town.

We thought we better go to the old city, so we did. It was alright we got to see lots of ruins from the old Astecs. Then we went to the museum, that was cool because you got to see what the Astecs life was like. Then we had a walk around the town, it was crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!Their were so many people! then we went back home and had this weird food (wish everyone else liked).


We had an alright flight to Mexico, we arrived their very early. We took a taxi to our hostel, the taxi driver did not know were the hostel is so we needed help. We got settled and then went to the floating garden, that was cool, but be charged at you, because they wanted you to buy stuff. We wnt to bed.

On Sunday we listened to a sermon and then went to the park.

On Monday we went to the pyramids, that was fun, but a lots of climbing! We climbed the temple of the sun and the temple of the moon.

drukke stad

Mexico City heeft 25 miljoen mensen. Dat is te merken ook. In de metro is het een gezellige drukte, veel mensen die allemaal met elkaar zitten te lachen en praten, muzikanten, uit de metro veel stalletjes met van allerlei eetwaar. Toch is het metrostelsel erg goed en schoon. Op straat ook veel stalletjes en als je naar een openbaar toilet wil is dat ook een belevenis. Er zit een vrouw bij de ingang die je eerst een paar velletjes wc-papier geeft!

Hier schijnt de zon ook elke dag. Het is winter wat erg lekker is. Overdag 25 graden, blauwe lucht geen wolkje te zien. Snachts koelt het lekker af. De 25 graden is heel erg fijn omdat de lucht erg droog is. Als gevolg hebben we wel allemaal heel droge, gebarsten lippen.

Nog 1 foto, want Anne Roos moet zo naar bed.

 Zaterdag de floating gardens.

hostel kamer

Zomaar wat foto's. Het is laat en we hebben niet veel tijd voor bloggen meer. Dit is Berend en mijn kamer in het hostel. Of eigenlijk op het hostel.....Tegelijk een dakterras en zelfs een wc waarvoor je eerst naar buiten moet....


We haven't had time to blog for the last few days, so I have a lot to catch-up.

We got a limo ride to the airport (limos are cheap in America).We spent all Friday flying. They didn't have any screens and games :(


We arrived in Mexico on a Saturday. We went to the "floating gardens". There aren't very many plants, but lots of trees (since they are the only trees in the city, I think you could call it a garden).  You go down a series of cannals with a boat. It was very relaxing. Lots of people try to sell you things, Everything is very cheap here. We also learnt how to use the metro (it's very hard, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy).


Maandag 22 december

We zijn inmiddels weer 2 dagen in Mexico City. Het is nu maandagochtend 7 uur en Berend heeft net ons wireless internet aan de gang gekregen. Maar we willen vandaag vroeg weg dus evn een kort verslagje.

De reis ging via Hawaii via Los Angeles naar Mexico. We kwamen om 5.00 uur in de ochtend aan, voor ons gevoel moesten we gaan slapen maar we moesten het toch nog een dagje volhouden. Eerst een taxi geregeld naar ons Hostel. Het leuke is dat we overal een heel andere slaapgelegenheid hebben. In Honolulu een Condo (soort apartement), in Mexico een Hostal (jeugdherberg), in NY voor 1 nacht een hotel, in Washington een Trailer (stacaravan) en in New York een Bed & Breakfast.

Het hostel is goed. Echt mexicaans, maar redelijk goed voor een 3e wereldland. In elk geval stromend water en 'normale' wc :-).

Pearl Harbour

Today we went to Pearl Harbour.


First we went onboard the USS Bowfin. It is a submarine, and got rated 15th at enemy ships sunk. Next we went to the USS Missouri (details at the end) and finally we went to the Aviation Museum.


The USS Missouri is the last surviving battleship in the US navy. It's over 900 feet long (about 300 meters) and 100 feet wide (about 33 meters). It has nine 16 inch cannons that can fire two times every minute. Bellow is me firing a 50 caliber machinegun (our guide said not to use them against people, apparantly it is against the Geneva Convention):

Next is me in the Admiral's chair calling the pentagon to ask for permission to fire our tomahawk missiles and ordering a peppronni pizza:


Honolulu, Hawaii 3

Today we went to Pearl Habour, which was awesome.We took the bus which took about an hour to get their. Then we had to store our backpacks for safety precautions and pay for our tickets (which was quiet a lot). First we went to the see the submarine bowfin or also called "The Pearl Habour Avenger". We had an audio tour (we were given headphones and an ipod like thing and we just had to type in numbers that were placed around the submarine and then we could listen to someone speaking about the things inside the bowfin).


We went to pearl Harbour by bus!

We bought the tickets for everything!

We went inside a submarine (I can't remeber its name but it was something like bowfish or something).    : P

Then we took a guided tour on the Missouri, the was soooooooooooo cool! Our guide was the funniest guy ever!!!!

Then we went into this plane building (I can't remember its name either)   : P it was boring (for me).

Thats all.

Me with the Hawian national flower in my hair.

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