Yes, it's true. I'm actually working. Six hours a day for two weeks at €2.50 an hour (plus some sort of bonus you get ontop of it). Auke is working too (he gets paid €3). We are staying at our grandparents for these two weeks.


So for 6 hours a day we have to "kop" (my best translation is "behead") lots, and lots, and lots, and did I mention lots of flowers (some sort of lily). You just snap the bud off with your hands, all day long. You work for 2 hours and then take a break for half an hour, then work for 2 hours, take a break for half an hour, work 2 hours, and then lastly you go home.


Very boring work, reminds me of school...


But only two days to go and then we are going fishing (on Saturday), but that's another story.


Anyway, here are some photos:





And finally this is us with our grandpa uhm, I'm not sure what it's called, but what you do is open the beans and get the peas out. So work doesn't end on the field, we have to make dinner too...


Goed zo!

Goed zo!

He Auke and Dieuwe, It's

He Auke and Dieuwe,
It's great to see you working, finally :-) I am glad opa and oma let you make the dinner!!! Good to know you are able to be self sufficient. Mums sometimes like to have a day off you know, hint, hint......
See you on Friday