Walking the ramparts of Jerusalem: North and West

On Friday September 11 we were at the ramparts, slightly after 9am, the time when they open. It appeared however that only the south east section was open. Because it was Friday, the holy day for the Muslims, the other part was closed. Doing that one tomorrow.

Looking West. The hotel in the centre is the King David Hotel.

Between us and the King David Hotel is the Biblical valley of Hinnom, where the Israelites sacrificed their children to the Moloch. Topheth was here, and it is therefore also called Topheth. Here a look down in this valley.

AnneRoos looking over the walls.

Looking East with the Mount of Olives just on the right, and the graves on this mount as well.

And a clearer view of the Mount of Olives.

The hill is covered by graves.

Jerusalem is surrounded by hills, and the city has sprawled out over them.

At the Dung gate we couldn't continue, so we walked back outside the walls, and entered again at Zion gate.