USA, New York

Today we went from Washington to New York. First thing in the morning we packed up and then we drove to Washington which took about 4 hours and a bit. When we arrived we took the car back from where it came and then set out to go to Staten Island. First we had to take the train which costed us $15 USD per person which is an aweful lot. Then we took the metro which costed us $2 USD per person. After that we took the ferry which thankfully was free. The ferry was cool and we went past the Statue of Liberty and we saw a bit of New York from the water. Then we took the bus the rest of the way, the bus was also free. And finally we walked the last 200 or so meters. Remember we did all this with our luggage on our backs. Im sure we lost a couple of kilos. Then we arrived at the hostel or Bed and Breakfast (which looks alright so far). We had Subway for dinner.

Theres the LAdy of Liberty :D