Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church

On Sunday we visited the Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church. Service start was 10am, not as nice as our Auckland one of 11am, but not as bad as what we will have to get used to in Holland: 9.30am. It was very nice to be there. They sang psalms without accompaniment and with a very good presenter. There was a guest preacher, a student, Adam Kuehner. He was in his first year of study, with a couple of years still to go as he does follow the evening classes at the seminary. During the day he's an insurance agent. Interestingly he had wanted to study with Joel Beeke, but decided not to, because you have to learn Dutch there! We could tell him we had listened to two Joel Beeke sermons last Sunday.

The topic of the sermon was "An Encounter with Jesus" taken from Luke 5:1-11. After the sermon was over, Jesus requested that Peter take off again and told him how to fish. Peter addressed him here as master which in Luke's vocabulary means Rabbi or teacher. What would a teacher know of fishing? But he obeyed. Jesus asserted here command over the whole life of Peter, not just his ear when teaching, but everything, including his living. After the great catch Peter addresses Jesus as Lord, and acknowledges that he is a sinful man. These two things, acknowledgment of sins, and acceptance of Jesus as our Lord go together in the life of a Christian.

Afterwards we went to adult Sunday school class, while the children went to theirs. We could choose between a class on the Larger Catechism or a class on Proverbs. We chose the class on Proverbs and discussed Proverbs 13:6-8. This was quite interesting and two people gave a moving personal testimony when we discussed Proverbs 13:7: "there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches." We have a rich God, and so all too often we do not trust Him.

We were invited for lunch by a family that lived close to church. Had some interesting discussions. One guy just had been to New Zealand, visiting the South Auckland. Another was a linguist, translating Arabic to English for the government. I also talked to a girl of about 20 who was home schooled and their family only had started singing psalms about 15 years ago. She said that if they now had to sing hymns they appeared so empty compared to the psalms. It makes you thankful to be part of a congregation that has sung psalms for close to 500 years.

We had dinner back in our cabin. And as their was only one service in this church, supposedly due to the distance most members had to travel, up to 1.5 hours, we continued with listening to a series on Genesis by Joel Beeke, on Genesis 29:11-22 and divided it in a remarkable dreams, remarkable promises and remarkable fruit.