Timna National Park

On Monday morning, September 7 we drove towards Engedi. On our way we stopped at Timna National Park. One of the reasons was that it had a replica of the tabernacle.

It's desert, surrounded by dry stoney hills, and all kinds of interesting rock formations.

The tabernacle isn't as large as perhaps imagined.

The replica is on true scale.

The altar, laver and tabernacle:

It was hot here, very, very, very hot. Luckily Mum and Dad could take cover on a platform on a small lake, while the kids still had enough energy to paddle a boat:

The next attraction were Solomon's Pillars:

Auke and Dieuwe had to go in as deep as possible:

But the burning heat had been a bit too much for AnneRoos:

Another attraction were ancient copper mines. The Egyptians had an extensive mining operation here. The visitor centre had a replica of a mine shaft. By this time AnneRoos had enough energy to make it up that shaft, to the roof of the building:

But the main reason we stopped here was the natural arch. Dieuwe is just walking towards it:

Again an attraction to great to resist.

I and Ida managed to get up as well, using a somewhat easier route.

The boys made it even further up.

This location place was completely deserted, we had it all to ourselves. We also visited the old mines, and the kids crept through a few of them. Interesting, but just walking here saps your energy, extremely hot. No idea how people could have survived in this heat.

And that ended our visit to Timna National Park. Up to the Dead Sea, and our hostel there.