Staying with the Van Dorps

We've stayed with the Van Dorps during the entire communion, from Wednesday till now, Monday morning. Very kind of them, and it was very nice, especially having the Van Praags here as well. We'll be leaving early this afternoon to back to Brisbane, to catch our plane to Auckland. Expected arrival in Auckland is October 6, 14:40.

The kids enjoyed the stay as well, as the Van Dorps have a lot of land, animals and tools. Here AnneRoos.

And Auke on the quad bike.

Enjoying dinner outside. Weather has been nice, not so hot, and not cold enough that we had great trouble to adapt. Hopefully a good preparation for a still quite cold Auckland.

We had a good communion, especially when enabled to look to Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith. Here the church in Grafton.

Rev. Rainer also kindly invited us for lunch. He has left the manse, that had became too large for them, behind, and lives a bit outside Grafton, in Junction Hill.

With a very nice view over the river.

We met quite a number of people, and visited some of them. Here at Conny's mother. Her stepfather Keith has restored an Oldsmombile 1927 to a perfect condition.

It took him six years to complete it.

And we were given a ride!

And there we went. It's amazing how comfortable driving a car from almost 100 years ago is.