We had quite a bit of trouble tryping to setup internet and phone in Holland. We first tried Tele2 as they were cheapest, but they simply couldn't assure us we would have internet on January 2 (we called in November). In New Zealand getting broadband and a phone takes a day. Here in Holland it's 4 to 6 weeks. So we went to the KPN, the biggest company here, and the monopoly provider like Telecom was. They could assure us we would get our phone and internet in time. However, they only gave us internet, no phone. Perhaps something went wrong, because we had to call them as we couldn't order over the web. We wanted our ADSL router delivered to a different address as we didn't live at the delivery address obviously. But you can't do that via the website.

So we only had internet, at least that worked. And it's fast. Download is twice as fast as in Auckland (I have the fastest ADSL you can get in Auckland), and upload is 5 times as fast. We tried to get the phone connection, but that would take another 4 to 6 weeks. So we've decided to ditch the land line and go Skype. And mobile. Our mobile number is +31 613282757. But for calling we went full Skype. for 3 Euros a month we have unlimited calling in the Netherlands. And we have a Skype number as well, a number that anyone without Skype can call: +64 9 889 3004. So this is a number that appears to be in Auckland, so if you are in Auckland you can just call 889 3004 and you will get us. Obviously if you are in The Netherlands you pay NZ calling rates. We would loved to have a Dutch phone number, but Skype doesn't offer that. So this is Ida using her mini laptop to call her Mum:

Calling this way is a bit laborious of course. So we might buy a headset to improve call quality or buy a Skype phone.