Singapore to Brisbane

On Monday September 28 we left Singapore. Woke up at 6:15am. Bernard Young and his wife had offered to pick us up with the church van at 7:30am. It was only about 20 minutes or so to the airport, traffic wasn't very busy. Here the church van at the airport:

Nice piece of advertising!

Overall, we found Singapore to be quite a nice city, clean, crime free, and not too hard to get around. Getting through the airport wasn't too hard either. Next a 7.5 hour flight to Brisbane. With Singapore airlines. They had power, even in economy class! Unfortunately I had checked in my car adapter, not even sure I had an airplane plug with me. Something to remember. If one has power on an airplane, a trip can be far more productive, not just lost time.

We arrived in Brisbane at 7pm, already dark. And cool. Much cooler than the last 4 weeks. Very pleasant.