In Singapore

We're now in Singapore. Took a while before I could get an internet connection. No usuable wireless at our "hotel", and the $18 SGD (same as NZD, so $18 NZD) M1 SIM card I was sold, wasn't the right one. So today, Friday 25 September, I went to the closest M1 shop on foot, 1.9km from our hostel. Ida and AnneRoos where shopping, and Auke and Dieuwe were looking for a wii and going to Sentosa island afterward.

At the M1 shop they sold me the proper threeday mobile broadband card, another $18, but was unusably slow. Luckily I tested it out at a cafe near them, and I had just enough bandwidth to access Google to access a post by a guy who also had bad experience and suggested SingTel and mentioned the SingTel shop was oppose the M1. So I bought another three-day broadband SIM card, and that one was fine. Just downloading a video at 170KB/s, so that's good.

Now on getting the backlog of posts on Israel done.