Sight-seeing in Singapore

Ida had tentatively booked Ali's Nest. This was in Little India, a colourful section of Singapore. The reviews weren't very good though. If there was no air conditioning, we already had decided we wouldn't take it. According to their website, they had though. When we arrived, Ida had a look, and indeed, no air conditioning. The shuttle driver was so kind to drop us off a few hundred metre from there, were there were lots of other hotels. Due to the F1 racing that was going to start on Friday, hotels were very full, and most had raised their prices as well.

After checking a couple of hotels, one even with smelly rooms, we settled on one that had cheap prices: basically a box with bed and airco, but cheap, and we would manage there for our 4 days in Singapore. Everyone had a shower, and we got some breakfast at an eating place below.

But with our body at 4am, and the Singapore day at 10am, we didn't have much energy. We proceeded to the nearest MRT (underground) entrance to buy day passes. They didn't have them, so we had to buy a single ticket to the nearest office who sold them. After that we visited China town and did a short walk there. Next to the harbour entrance where we had an ice coffee (and the kids some drinks).

We were close to Sentosa island, and according to our maps, there should be beaches there. So we went back to our hotel, got our togs, went back into the underground, next unto the monorail to Sentosa island, which brought us close to this beach.

Pretty busy shipping lane.

View somewhat higher up.

For breakfast we ate prata, some kind of pancake. The kids ate it with sugar. It's quite cheap, $2.20 per prata.

On Friday everyone went shopping (that's the main thing you do in Singapore, and one of the few possible things), while I worked on maintaining the blog.

On Saturday, I went with Auke and Dieuwe to a big shopping mall to see if they could buy the WII console any cheaper in Singapore. It appeared however that a Singaporian console wouldn't work in NZ, or more precise, games you buy in NZ don't play on a Singaporian console, due to region locking. That's how companies make life frustrating for customers, thanks very much Nintendo.

Hebben jullie overnacht in

Hebben jullie overnacht in Ali's Nest...? Die ken ik! Heb ik juli 2002 ook overnacht, op mijn heenreis naar Australie....ik meen dat de eigenaar een beetje Nederlands kon spreken...? En ik weet nog dat het daar ontzettend heet/klam was...


Niet te geloven! Nee,

Niet te geloven! Nee, uiteindelijk hebben we het niet gedaan. We waren al een beetje aarzelend omdat ik slechte revieuws had gelezen, maar omdat het zo goedkoop was wilden we het wel proberen. Toen we aankwamen was onze eerste vraag of ze airco hadden: niet dus. Toen meteen verder wezen zoeken. Wat een klein wereldje!