School vouchers and Christian education

Having to bring considerable financial sacrifices for Christian education might not be such a bad thing after all. One of Auke's subject is reproduction, including a considerable section on the human side. But they use a completely worldly book for that nowadays. The content was just shocking. Mind you, this school is the creme de la creme on Christian education in Holland. Teachers are not allowed to have a television at home. The schools has a filtered internet, using a white list: so only sites which are allowed can be visited. You have to fill in a detailed form when applying for the school, and only the children of attending specific churches are accepted.

But this book is from a state school. Not only does it have graphic pictures which the entire world before 1866 wasn't exposed to, it discusses things as "first sexual relationship", and homosexual relationships. Homosexual relationships in a chapter of reproduction can only be considered a disease of course, but never mind that. It's just another agenda that has to be pushed. There is absolutely no morality in the book at all. It also discusses anti-conception measures up to abortion where it can bring itself only to "difficult question, but most women who have made that choice feel confident they have made the right decision." We didnt' have such books in our time at school, that's 20 years ago. I can't believe the school board has seen and approved such books, and if they did, I think Christian education is on its way out.

This is also a school that under the Dutch school voucher system has all its costs reimbursed. Parents have to bear little financial hardship for this choice. I've been in favor of ACT's school choice program, but perhaps this will give the wrong incentives to Christian parents. Perhaps Christian parents would take far greater interest in the education of their children if there was a non-negligible financial burden. So the Libertarianz might be right after all: no state input in education whatsoever.

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