Old Jaffa Hostel

Our hostel in Jaffa, the Old Jaffa Hostel. The worst place we've been so far, very noisy, too hot for me at night, and no airconditioning. On the other hand, staff was very friendly, and it was very clean. Toilet facilities were ok. Showers were split in male/female, but had no privacy. In the men's one it was basically army style.

Here the building from the side. We were sleeping in the top room:

Or sleep: sometimes. As you can see it's surrounded by three streets, not very busy, but you have those kids with enormously loud speakers who tend to come down at 3am or so, and just shake you awake. Just a lot of noise. And it's hot, no airconditioning.

Auke and Dieuwe slept even more interesting: on the roof.

There were no more rooms, and for the noise it didn't matter. Perhaps even cooler outside. The only problem was that at 7pm the rain started to poor, so they had to run inside. So they didn't get a lot of sleep either.

So we didn't do a lot in Jaffa. It's basically a suburb of Tel Aviv, a modern city, and Jaffa itself is very small. Dinner on Saturday night was very simple as well: a hot dog. But a big one :-) Here Auke and Dieuwe eating one while looking over the beaches and the Mediterranean.