New York, wrapup

Here the photos for New York that haven't made it to this blog so far. The view from our hostel on the rainy day:

How different on a sunny day!

Having dinner in Chinatown:

There was a fair amount of snow in Central Park:

We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge:

And here we went:

Unusual view on the Brooklyn Bridge:

Hi Guys, Great to read your

Hi Guys,

Great to read your adventures! Your house is well. Pool still clear and Jo and Josh looking after your bedrooms well (ie clean and tidy!) Hot weather here in NZ. We were up at the Kai iwi Lakes North of Dargaville over the weekend and the water was crystal clear, superb swimming and suntanning opportunities :) Also went to see Tane Mahuta, largest living Kauri tree in NZ - an awesome sight.

We will continue to follow your adventures with interest.

Kind Regards and God Bless,