New York

On Sunday we went to this really cool church, we meet lots of new people, we also went to this families house, they also invited other families, we had a really nice lunch there.

On Monday we left our hostel and brought our rental car back, and went to staten island, we took the long way, it took us three hours!!!

We went to the B&B and had dinner (subway) then we went to bed. In the morning we had a nice breakfast there, then we went to the brooklyn brige, we walked on it! Then we went to central park and ice-skated, that was fun! Then we went to time square, it was crazy there, there were ssssssooooooo many people there!!    Then we went to trump tower and had ice-cream! That was so cool!

Then...........................we had....................American.....McDonalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday we where going to go to the statue of liberty but it was way to busy, any we had aready seen it from the ferry. Then we went shopping, I bought some clothes and some books, and then we went to chinatown!!!! We had an alright dinner at this chines resturant, then went back to the B&B.

On Thursday (today) we had breakfast and then we got ready to go to the ariport, the taxi arrived and we were off. We arrived and cheked in and all that, now here I am!