The Netherlands

On Saturday I  bought some ice skates (ice hockey skates), which are really cool. Then we went ice skating on a lake that was about 20 minutes driving from our house. There were quiet a lot of people who were ice skating there. This was the first time I skated on natural ice in about 6 years just like everyone else in The Netherlands (the last time it froze so much was in 2002).

Monday was my first day at school. We drove to school in the car which toke about 15 minutes. When we arrived there we had a talk with the principal on what subjects we had. I had a futher talk with a person that organised my subjects, which was cool. The first day at school was kind of exciting. At school there are about 2000 students and 300 teachers, you have about seven subjects which are 50 minutes long each. You have to walk to another classroom for each subject (it gets kind of annoying walking up the stairs and down the stairs). You have 4 different floors.

On Tuesday I biked to school in the morning (it was about -10*C) and it took about 45 minutes. You bike with a whole group of people to school. It was the same day at school except that I got some different subjects and had the last hour free (you get hours free during the day somtimes which is really cool). Then I biked home again and went ice skating behind our house on a river, then did a bit of homework. Then I needed to go to bed soon as it gets pretty tiring biking to school everyday. They are expecting about -18*C tonight (brrrhhh, cold)