The Netherlands

Today we flew from New York to Washington D.C which took us about 40 minutes (which isnt very long). We flew on the smallest airplane I have even been inside. Then from Washington D.C we took an connecting flight to Amsterdam which took about 7 hours long. Along the way we watched some movies and tried to get some sleep (which we didnt). When we arrived in Amsterdam we saw Pakke and Beppe and Opa and Arwin who were waiting for us to arrive. They took us to our home in Hoevelaken, which is a neat little home in the middle of a town with the shops close to us and Oma was there to suprise us which was cool. After that we talked and had some food and Pakke and Beppe went home. Then Arwin, Opa and Oma went home and Gerbert and Gerdin, Hilde and Rick went to come to bring the bicycles we needed to bike to school everyday. Anne Roos and me biked to the shops after that and daddy, Dieuwe and Hilde went to walk there. We arrived at the shops and Dieuwe and me bought some nice iceskates which I am going to try out tomorrow. The Gerbert and Gerdin, Hilde and Rick went home and we got some time to ourselves. Then we just did nothing and had dinner after we did nothing and then shower and go to bed. :D

Welkom in het bevroren

Welkom in het bevroren kikkerland (kikkers zijn inmiddels dood gevroren verwacht ik ;-)...).

En trainen met die schaatsen. Zorg dat je die 11 steden tocht kunt reedride, want wie weet giet it oan!!

Nog de aller beste wensen voor 2009 en veel plezier in jullie tijdelijk onderkomen.
Hopelijk kunnen we elkaar snel begroeten

Groeten Fam Naberman uit Dorst

Good morning to you all and

Good morning to you all and wishing you all the Lord's blessing for 2008. I have really enjoyed following your progress through Mexico and the USA as well as the interesting photos and commentary on all you have done. It certainly looks like you are having a wonderful trip. It is great that you are now safely in Holland. It is a nice sunny morning and already 24 degrees in Auckland but the forecast is for thunderstorms in the middle of the day.

Kind regards,


Hoi allemaal! Fijn dat jullie

Hoi allemaal!

Fijn dat jullie veilig in Nederland zijn! Helaas konden we jullie niet komen halen ivm andere verplichtingen, maar we hopen jullie snel te ontmoeten.
Gaaf dat jullie al fietsen en zelfs schaatsen hebben... Hopelijk morgen nog op het ijs, wij gaan het wel proberen.
Jullie zitten niet zo ver bij ons vandaan.

Groetjes voor jullie allemaal,

Jaco en Caroline en de jongens