Meet the cat that doesn't like meat

Via The cat who refuses to eat meat:

It’s hard to imagine a cat that would refuse to eat meat—and whose palate cannot even be tempted by fish.

Some previous articles of ours (see below) have covered such things as lions brought up on non-meat diets like pasta, cheese and eggs—which highlights that even today, some animals that are believed to be “obligate carnivores” do not actually need to eat meat after all. But Britain’s “veggie cat” seems truly unique.

... Veterinary experts advise that cats (unlike humans, or even dogs) absolutely cannot get certain nutrients from any source other than meat. Even vegetarian cat foods contain synthetic versions of these vital ingredients. So Dante’s owner tries to smuggle the occasional scrap of meat into his food. When he spies this, though, Dante studiously leaves the meat behind.

As Creation Ministeries notices, this example just defies the supposed millions of years of evolution that brought us the meat eating cats and lions. They only have 6,000 years of devolution behind them. And sometimes the original creatures shines through.

Original story appeared in the Daily Mail.