London Eye

Yesterday, we traveled around London, but I am just going to tell you about my favourite place that we visited: The London Eye!!!

When we walked toward the London eye I was a little bit scared becuase it was so tall and big, but I got used to it. Luckly  my mum had booked omline other wise we would had to wait in a queue that was really  really long. The line getting on the london eye was also very long but it didn't take that long becuase their was a constant flow of people getting on and of.

So got on with some other people. It was so amazing!!!! When you were on top you could see all of London!! And the people looked like ants!

Well below are some pictures we took when we were on the London Eye.



He Anne Roos Wauw! Ik ben een

He Anne Roos

Wauw! Ik ben een dagje met papa door Londen gerend, maar dit heb ik niet gezien, hoor! Hoog tijd dat we een keer een kijkje gaan nemen geloof ik!

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