We had a brochure of the Western Isles, with pictures of unbelievable beaches. Unfortunately we lost it, else I could demonstrate something, that, if you had seen it in the magazine, you thought would not be possible. But it is. There is indeed this unbelievable beach on Harris:

The water is extremely clear and indeed of milkish-white-blue-green colours.

In the brochure you saw a pair walking like it was a tropical island. That was the only part that was probably fake. This is how people typically walk on these beaches, and that in high summer:

And then we ended up in Leverburgh (population 200). This is the FP church:

And the care home:

And the manse. A bit problemetic to find it, but after asking at the care home, we found it:

View from the manse:

After a nice dinner, prepared by MarjoryJane, Mr. Macleod took us to a nearby church, the St. Clements church. It might be a church has been on this place before 1000 AD, but the current building is from 1520:

Nice view from the church:

And then it was time to find Hotel Tarbert. When we mentioned the name to Mr. Macleod he said there was only one hotel on Tarbert, and it's name was Hotel Harris. So when we looked it up again, it appeared Ida had booked a hotel some 300 kilometers East. As it appears, this hotel was also next to a ferry terminal, as Ida had asked about the ferry. But Rev. Macleod was very  kind to offer us to sleep in the manse. Daddy was a bit embarrassed, but to the kids found it only added to the adventure.

So at 6am the following morning we quietly disappeared.

Good bye rocky Harris:

We had breakfast on the boat:

And after 1.5 hours, there was Uig again:

And the rain had caught up with us: