Late Sinterklaas

On Saturday we visited ome Leen and tante Greta van Tuijl:

Saturday evening we went to Ida's parents. Oma had postponed Sinterklaas until we were there:

Everyone got something, but the kids got a lot of Donald Ducks. Don't know if we're all going to take that back to New Zealand...

The, eh, other kids enjoyed themselves with throwing paper at each other:

Aster was there as well, that's Arwin and Marlies' baby:

She isn't doing very well, it appears she has a gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. i.e. the valve between her stomach and gullet is underdeveloped, causing acid to come back. She seems to cry a lot. Hopefully this solves itself after the first year as it seems to do in most cases: