Last of Jerusalem

I am now in the car driving (I'm not the one driving) to Tiberias. We just left Jerusalem behind us. Here is what we have been up to for the last few days.



We went to the (Presbyterian) Scottish Memorial Church. It wasn't Scottish Presbyterian though, more Anglican. We met an American student who was studying Biblical languages in Jerusalem. In the evening we went to the King of Kings Church, a Charismatic Church. but the words in the songs and the message was good.


We stated by walking up the Mount of Olives. It was a very steep climb and the mounain is littered with graves. Next we went to the City of David, the place where it is beleived David build his city after capturing Jebus. There we went into the tunnels of Hezekiah. The tunnels were pitch black filled with up to 70cm of water and are 533 meters long. It took us 40 minutes to walk through, and I got my shoes and shorts soaked. Next we went to Jerico. It is controlled by the Palestinians, so we left our car at the Isreali checkpoint and got a taxi. All that is left of the old city is a heap of dust. There was nothing much left to see, apart from a few rubbish signs giving wrong dates to everything because some arceologist dug up the wrong part of the city. It was actually quite small, most of the time you think of the Isrealites attacking some really large city. We also went with a cable car to the "Mount of Temptation" as they call it. On our way out, it seemed the whole Palestinians army was on the streets. Now I know the difference with actually feeling safe and being scared. In Jerusalem, 10% of the people you see carry machine guns, but you feel safe with so many soldiers and police around. For one, they have their weapons slung over their shoulders, the Palastinians have their fingers on the triggers. In Isreal the police act like normal people. We drove bakc to Jerusalem and had dinner. Falafel is what you eat here, it's the only cheap food in the country. It is made of pitta bread, humus, pickles, onions, cabbage, anything else you might want in it, and a ball made of really nice stuff (I don't know what it is, but it tastes good).