Kia Ora and Welcome to Cairo

This is often how the first few words with people go here in Egypt:

 "Where are you from?"

"New zealand"

"Kia Ora"

Yes, that's right. Most people here hardly speak English and yet still have the time to learn Maori.


Anyway, back to the beginning...

On the plane we watched Monsters vs Aliens. the biggest rip-off movie since Spaceballs (the name is actually mentioned in the movie). The flight was fine. The food could have been worse (Just kidding, it wasn't actually that bad). We got picked up from the airport and drove to our hostel. The first thing we noticed was the heat, the second was the driving, but that's another story. First up is... "What we did Today" (couldn't think of something catchy). Second up is... "Driving" (still can't think of something catchy). And last (but not least)... "Just Business" (managed to think of something catchy).

What we did today

We got a guide and a car that drove us around all day. We headed straight for the Giza Piramids. On our way there we drove over the *DRUM ROLL* road, and also over the Nile.

It was great, but more about that in the Driving section. We got to some place and what happened then will be found in the Just Business part (in a nutshell, we got a guide and some animals to ride on). Next we got on our animals. We took 2 horses and 2 camels (I prefer horses now, if you want to know why take a camel ride). Then we headed for the *DRUM ROLL* dessert, and also the Piramids (which happen to be in the dessert only a hunderd meters away from the city). We alternated between camel and horse. 

And as you can see, I am taller than the "Great" Piramid. I also touched it, and climbed on it. Auke and I bought a head-towel thingy (whatever it's called).

Next we visited the *DRUM ROLL* Sphinx. And that concluded the tour.


Next we went to the *DRUM ROLL* papyrus factory. They showed us how papyrus is made, and then the whole Just Business thing started again (In a nutshell, I ended up buying a papyrus painting for 130 pounds... EGYPTIAN pounds that is).


Then we went to eat lunch. It was a funny lunch, the waiters here really have a sense of humour.

And now I am at home writing this story.



No rules. No trafficlights. No speedlimit. Only your horn. Well, atually thet do have all those things, but htye just ignore them. That is why the police act as trafficlights. The speedlimit is ignored (most of the time it's so busy  you never can go faster anyway). And it seems like they have no rules. If the motorway is 2 lanes wide, they turn it into 3. All the roads are one way. You have pedestrians crossing the motorway, donkey carts, camel riders, you name it, they have it on the road.


Just Business

The Egyptains are very hospitable. But it seems it's mostly about business. This is what happened at the places I marked in the story above. First they tell you to come in and sit down. Next they offer you free drinks. Then you start haggeling prices on something you want to buy, or something they want to sell you.


That concludes today's story.