Ice skating

It's winter in Holland. Real winter for the first time in many years. So that means ice skating on natural ice. Here Auke on the "Uddelermeer", a tiny lake on the Veluwe:

We were there with Gerbert, Ida's brother and his daughter:

It was busy as you can see. Supposedly there was about 15 centimetres of ice:

And AnneRoos was there as well of course:

And here a picture of a very cold Ida:

I had forgotten my camery, so these pictures are taken with my mobile, but they're not too bad actually. Some detail missing, but passable I think.

Ha, Welkom in the


Welkom in the Netherlands! Prachtige ouderwetse schaatsplaatjes zeg! Beetje geacclimatiseerd al? We komen snel langs,

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