The Holiday

Well as you all know we went on Holiday to England and Scotland.

It was really fun! We went to the london eye and someother really fun stuff, but I will just tell you about the stuff I liked other wise their won't be a point of telling you guys.

We went to landmark, that is a jungle amusment park with rope works and water slides, that was really fun! We also climbed some mountains, that was alright but when you get to the top it is amazing, you look down and ask your self did I really do this?

On our way back we had to take the boat that took us 20hrs. It was not a really big boat, I had excpected it to be bigger, their was also nothing really to do except their was a cinema, but it was not free. Anyway we did watch a movie in the cinema to make time pass. We all slept in one cabin, (a hut as my mum calls it) I slept really well, although you could hear the engine.

So I had a really fun holiday!!!!!!