We were actually quite tired from the previous day, the heat was on again, and both Ida and I hadn't slept that much. So not too much on for today, Friday September 18. First we went to the top of Baha'i Gardens, from where you have a good overview of the North East of the city.

We didn't enter the gardens (all costs money), but it's clearly a garden where a lot of money is spend on.

The next thing we wanted to see was about 44 kilometres away, the location where Elijah and the priests of Baal contented and where he perhaps saw a little cloud coming out of the sea. Unfortunately another church was built on this place, and it was closed between 12.30pm and 14.30pm. We arrived at 12.50pm. You couldn't really see a lot there or check this might have been the location. Moreover, not all of us would be able to enter, as shorts were forbidden (happens at more sites). So we drove to the beach. Here Haifa, the backdrop for the beach.

And here the kids in the Great Sea, or Mediterranean Sea in modern language.

Today was also Rosh Hashana, the start of the new year. It's also the first of the High Holidays, a series of Jewish holidays. The American land lady of the B&B told as that at Rosh Hashana the Jews eat apple dipped in honey, as a wish for  sweet new year. She herself had a dinner, so we had the house all to ourselves. Ida had cooked a meal, but a friend of hers had brought us some apples so we could also hopefully receive the taste of a sweet new year (it didn't help, see one of the next stories).