Hadrian's wall

On Friday we explored a well-preserved section of Hadrian's wall. As said before, this was built almost 2,000 years ago, from 122 to 130 AD.

People probably have seen my blog post made on top of Hadrian's wall, but here a behind-the-scenes look at what was happening while I was posting that.

The wall seems to meander over the hills:

But you really need to be there to understand why the wall was built here. It actually goes along very steep hills and cliffs, these forming mostly a natural defence.

And from here, the wall is built straight along side the cliffs:

Every 1/3 mile there is a watch tower:

And another fort:

And so we followed the path, up and down:

And Ida made it to the top.

From here you can really see that this hill range is much higher than the low parts to the North.

Auke couldn't help but climb the quarry next to the wall:

And he made it to the top:

And then a few hours to Edinburgh. Somehow our Navman F20 made a mistake so we went pass Glasgow (oops), so we drive a bit more then we should have, but around 4pm we arrived inn Edinburgh at the Novotel. Two rooms would have been 189 pound each, but Ida had managed to get two rooms for 198 pounds. In thriftiness we can outscottish the Scottish!