On Saturday we were going to go fishing on the sea in a boat, but because of the windspeed that day we could not go fishing on the sea. So we went to a "vis vijver" in other words a fishing pond where they throw fish in and you have to try and catch them (you have around 2 and half hours). Anne Roos was the first one who had bait (though only a little tiny fish, so that didnt count). Then who caugh the first big, enormously, hugomgously, ginormous, extra huge, slippery fish...... yes it was me if you didnt know the greatest fisher currently alive. I caught it with my extra great, enormously effective bait... yes it was just a worm but it was enormously effective at catching fish although I dont know why. The fish had biten my enormously effective bait so good that he even swollowed "the ultra effective hook", yes a sad day for "the ultra effective hook". So I had to get another hook although it didnt feel the same as the old "the ultra effective hook". 

Pake caught the next one although his feat wasnt as enormously, hugomously as my great catch. Then immediatedly after he caught another, dont know how I think he cheated with his ultra powerfull "power bait". Anneroos got another little fish, maybe because here bait attracted little fish or maybe the fish saw she wasnt an ginormous experienced fisher like me. But someone she managed a big catch, I think the fish that bit her bait sacrificed himself for his other fish, oh yes it was a good sacrifece. You must be wondering why the fish sacrifed himself, well because Anne Roos would scream "I got one" everytime she caught a fish. Dieuwe caught the last one with, nothing really ultra greatly special. Then I had one big enormously fish on my "not so ultra good hook" but I let the line snap as I felt very sorry for the fish as I didnt want to ruin his superer honour by being catched so easily by the one and only "ULTRA EFFECTIVE EXPERIENCED FISHER CALLED AUKE!" .   


The only one who didnt catch a fish was dad, felt sorry for him but he had a great time eating our ultra delicious fish. Let him have my fish as I felt sorry he didnt catch one, so that made him fell better. So the end summery of the day is: We caught fiive fish (in about 2 hours), dad didnt catch any but I let him have mine. In the end it was a enormously awesomously day. This concluded my report.

Ha lol very entertaining

Ha lol very entertaining story. :D Nice job everyone. :-)