The Egyptian museum

Friday September 4 was our second and last day in Cairo. Here a shot of our room. Basic, but enough. And helpful people here at the Brothers Hostel. But, as with anything here in Egypt, every piece of help has a price. But the accommodation was the cheapest we could find:

Here the elevator, really something from the 1930s:

In the morning, well about 11am..., we went to the Egyptian museum:

The museum was just absolutely chock-full of statues, sarcophagi, and stelae. The museum covers Egypt from before the 1st dynasty, till the last, up to the graeco-roman period.


And the most important artefact for me, the famous Merneptah Stele, or Israel stele. I'm not sure I photographed the right side, as my knowledge of hieroglyphics is wanting, but this is the right stele:

This stele was found by Flinders Petrie, and was the first reference outside the Bible about Israel. The discovery made headlines in the English newspapers of that time. Sir Flinders Petrie is supposed to have remarked after the find:

"Won't the reverends be pleased?"