Egypt and Israel

Hey all!

As you all know we have been to Egypt and we are in Israel now.

We left Holland on Wednesday the 2nd of September.  The flight took round about 4-5hrs. We arrived in Cairo, we got picked up from the ariport by some people that worked at the hostel we were staying in.

The next day we went outside to do something in Cairo, it was like you steped into another world! It was a very nice experience though.

Then we took the bus from Cairo to the border of Israel. It was one of the worst experiences I have every experienced because the bus driver got sick so we have to switch buses then 1min later that bus broke down so we had to switch bus's again then that bus broke down, so you get the point.

We crossed the border and then we entered Israel, it was like you stepped into the real world again. Eilat is a very nice city next to the Red Sea. One day we had a swim at 6'oclock in the moring and saw the sun rice above the Jordan mountains! My favourite place is Ein-Gedi which is at the Dead Sea and also has loads of fresh water springs. We spent all day walking parts of the desert and then cooling off in one of the springs. Today we went to the old city in Jerusalem, that was really nice we got to see the western wall. We also visited the garden tombe and Golgotha, which was pretty awesome.