Dutch newspapers

Dutch newspapers are similar to the New Zealand one's, and actually that's true all over the world. TV viewers and newpaper readers are pawns in the information wars: if you repeat a lie long enough, it will be true in the end. For example the Reformed Dutch daily, "Het Reformatorisch Dagblad" writes about a visit of the Dutch Prince of Orange to the South pole:

De koninklijke gasten willen zich op Antarctica ook verdiepen in de effecten van de klimaatverandering. Het ijs van de Zuidpool smelt steeds sneller.

Translation: "The royal guests will inform themselves on Antartica about the effects of climate change. Ice at the South pole melts faster and faster".

As usual this is not true.It's just as true as the story that the Norh pole was melting and that you could circumnavigate it last summer. If you just google for "South pole melts" you will find stories claiming that the South pole isn't actually melting. But I suppose the taxpayer wouldn't cough up for the prince to look at increasing ice. That's not a story and the prince might have had to pay the trip himself! No, climate change is the word if you want handouts.

First of all, the theory that if the ice melts, temperatures would rise, is not true. For creationists this is well-known. After the flood we had enormous evaporation, leading to a great drop in temperature, which gave us the Ice Age. So does evaporation on the Antartic lead to a drop in temperature:

One of the most popular global warming feedbacks is considered to be changes in the extent of polar ice.  The story goes that as the ice melts, more heat gets absorbed in the ocean, leading to higher temperatures.  Today we test that theory. ... The effect is exactly opposite of what has been predicted by global warming modelers.  Antarctic ice is increasing and temperatures are cooling.

As it goes, we happen to have fairly good data on the extend of the ice of Antartic since 1979. Since that time we have satellite photos. Before that we have nothing reliable, so any calculations with extend of ice before that are highly suspect. And here the latest data on what is actually happening at the Antarctic:

Over the last 30 years Antarctic sea ice has been steadily increasing, as shown below.

Just look at the graph which comes from The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

According to the newspaper article the idea for a royal visit was concocted in the Antarctic centre Christchurch, which the prince visited in 2006. So not sure what they told him there. Probably not much helpful as New Zealand is full of global warming believers as well.

The prince will also visit a glacier in Chili. This is melting bcause of global warming. When we visited the glaciers in New Zealand, the Fox and the Franz Joseph, we were told they were growing because of global warming...