Dutch minister of science to look at global warming

As I wrote a while ago, the Dutch prince is going to Antarctica, at taxpayers expense of course, to look at a non-problem. Accompanying him is minister of science, Ronald Plasterk, who is quoted as:

The poles are the wrists of the climate, the effects of climate change are visible first there.

And they are most visible in the annals of Nature:

Professor Eric Steig last month announced in Nature that he’d spotted a warming in West Antarctica that previous researchers had missed through slackness - a warming so strong that it more than made up for the cooling in East Antarctica.

Whew! Finally we had proof that Antarctica as a whole was warming, and not cooling, after all. Global warming really was global now.

One of the authors was Michael Mann, most famous for inventing the hockey stick of temperature change. If you're snowed in in Britain right now, warmer weather is just around the corner:

This hockey stick has been so thoroughly debunked that the latest IPCC report didn't dare to include it.

Here's how Professor Steig and Michael Mann detected global warming:

Previous researchers hadn’t overlooked the data. What they’d done was to ignore data from four West Antarctic automatic weather stations in particular that didn’t meet their quality control. As you can see above, one shows no warming, two show insignificant warming and fourth - from a station dubbed “Harry” shows a sharp jump in temperature that helped Steig and his team discover their warming Antarctic.

But it gets worse:

Harry in fact is a problematic site that was buried in snow for years and then re-sited in 2005. But, worse, the data that Steig used in his modelling which he claimed came from Harry was actually old data from another station on the Ross Ice Shelf known as Gill with new data from Harry added to it, producing the abrupt warming. The data is worthless.

Also read Steve McIntyre's original post on this subject.

Adding data from two different climate stations, and publishing it in a peer reviewed journal. Kids doing their science fair can do better than that.

There's even more. When these climate scientists became aware of Steve McIntyre's poking, they pulled and corrected their data set!

The whole affair is now in the Proceedings of the National Accademy of Sciences.

I suggest that our Minister of Science has a good look at weather station Harry. No global warming to see there. And leave Nature closed for a while.