Dinner at Dirk-Jan and Caroline's place

Friday evening we went to visit Dirk-Jan and Caroline Heemskerk (Ida's sister) to gaze at their new home in Utrecht. It was very hard to find. As they're in a new location, GPSs can't find it, so we set our navman to direct us to the middle of the Oudenrijnseweg. For some reason we ended up coming from the opposite direction Caroline thought we would be coming from, so her description didn't match what we saw. We tried to call her, but she didn't answer her mobile. Ida didn't know how to redial a number, so the kids were fighting over her phone we could press the redial button and managed to take out the battery in the process. A bit like Solomon's judgement I suppose: both AnneRoos and Dieuwe ending up with a piece: one with the battery, the other with the phone. Ida had bought a new simcard, and she hadn't changed the pincode it came with, so no one knew how to enable the phone once the battery was connected. The kids were trying anyway until it asked for the PUK code. My mobile didn't have Caroline's number, only Aagje's number. We called her, but they were driving as well, so couldn't look up a number for us. The only number Ida knew by heart was her mother's, but they were not at home as well. So we were stuck.

I decided to turn to go home. Meanwhile Ida had retried her mother and she was now answering. But then I recognised the description Caroline gave us, so we realised we had come from the wrong direction. Then it was easy and we finally made: 1 hour and 20 minutes. Here us having dinner: