birthday parties

Last week was the first week that I felt a bit more settled. We are getting used to the routine of school, home work, shopping, cooking etc. I now know where most of the shops are located and what they sell. I still have to go twice or thrice to do grocery shopping, while I am used to do it once a week. Showing I am not yet in my routine.....But I also don't mind to go, it's a nice 5 min. bike ride. I had a fair bit of visiting to do as well. My friend turned 38 and our neighbours'wife celebrated her birthday as well. This is the order of a traditional birthday party: You have to arrive at 10.00 am. All visiters have to be congratulated as well. So you basically shake hands with all visitors and say 'happy birthday' to each of them. Coffee and a selection of cakes are served. After 15 min. or so you will get another cup of coffee served with a chocolate (bonbon). At around 11.00 you can choose from a selection of drinks, usually there is 'bowl': a fruit salade. With the drinks/bowl you are getting served a cheese-meat-platter and some chips or nuts. You can understand that the host is quite busy on her birthday! And when you get home at 12.00 noon you don't need your lunch :-)