The $2700 mistake

On Saturday we left our B&B in Haifa very early, at 8:10am. The goal was to get to the Egyptian consulate in Tel Aviv to get a visa to pass the Taba border. It seems you can't get it at the border itself. We had called the consulate before, but they don't speak English, just kept saying Visa 9am to 11am. We first understood this meant to call between that times, but when calling between 9am and 11am a second time we understood we had to be there in person. We asked about opening times, they were closed on Fridays they said, but open in Saturday.

When we were that at about 9.30am, the consulate was closed. There was an intercom outside, which answered. But the person told it they were closed! And wouldn't reopen till Wednesday!! And we needed to have a visa before Tuesday.

So after some research we were left with no other option than to buy tickets to fly from Tel Aviv to Cairo at 241 EUR a person as we have to be in Cairo on Wednesday for our flight to Singapore. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Not a good start of a sweet year.

So instead of taking the bus back through the Sinai desert, we'll be flying to Jordan, and them from Jordan to Cairo. A 7 hour trip as well.