Skype now working fine

Earlier I reported that the new Skype phone didn't work either. I'm happy to report that it started to work and we've been using it for two weeks now. Initially it didn't work, but after I called support and had to give the serial number, I plugged it in again, and it started to worked. Maybe because I had to hold it upside down to read out the serial number?

Anyway, we're very happy now with the RTX 3088: very close to an analog phone. Pity we can't get a Dutch phone number.

Second Skype phone doesn't work either

It' just unbelievable. Using Skype is just being on the bleeding edge. The first phone we bought admittedly cheap, was the Xtender Dual DECT phone. That product was just garbage, comparable to the quality of a child's toy. Half of the keys don't work most of the time. And you need to have your computer turned on, and logged into Skype, to make it work.

After a few increasingly stronger voiced emails we were promised a refund, we didn't even have to send the phone back.

Thursday I bought another phone, the RTX 3088. It arrived Friday evening. Quality is better, and you don't need a computer. Unfortunately plugging in the base station into the ADSL router didn't work. A hardware issue I'm afraid. So have to call support Monday, and probably need to swap it. It's just unbelievable.

We're a long way from replacingn our phones by the Internet I'm afraid.

UPDATE: works now.

Skype phone is of horrible quality

As we don't have a land line, we bought a cheap Skype phone, the Think Xtra Xtender Dual DECT phone. It was the cheapest I could find. This is a consumer product of a quality that I didn't know existed anymore. Or in other words: a horrible product. The numeric keypad only works partially. So we're returning it. Hopefully we get a full restitution.

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