How many companies have gone bankrupt after trying to implement SAP?

The amount of money companies spend trying to implement SAP is truly staggering. I wouldn't be surprised if more companies have gone bankrupt trying to implement SAP then those who have survived it. Implementing SAP is one of the highest paying jobs you can have in IT industry without knowing anything. That companies pay thousands a day for 'consultants' whose productivity is so shockingly low, has always amazed me. If a company announces it is going to implement SAP, it's a good bet to short it's stock.

To the list of SAP failures, we can now add the State of California:

Just this January, the SCO announced that it was canceling its contract with the consulting company in charge of the project and had not estimated when it would hire another firm to carry on. That was $25 million into an estimated $69 million project.

SAP blames Accenture for problems with SAP installations:

Earlier this month, SAP co-CEO Leo Apotheker angrily denied there were problems with SAP's software, and blamed consulting firms like IBM (IBM) and Accenture (ACN) for sending people who knew nothing about the software to clients as experts on SAP.

Accenture wasn't involved in this project though, but has already acquired parts of BearingPoint, the consulting firm who implemented the product and filed for bankruptancy this week.

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