Political debates

Interestingly, Auke is in a class with quite some interest in politics. And a person in his class is even reading a libertarian blog vrijspreker.nl (Dutch).

You don't see that a lot, most political discussion in Holland is to the left of the US Democratic Party, even among those they believe they are on the right of the political spectrum, simply because they have never heard anything else.

In New Zealand the debate is broader,. and one of my favorite politicians is Sir Roger Douglas. In a recent speech he said:

Sir Roger said New Zealand needed lower spending and lower taxes.

Unless both measures are adopted our children will have to pay back the borrowed money, and interest, in the future, he said.

"The Government is now mortgaging our children for the next round of spending increases."

Citizens have become more concerned with "dividing the pie rather than growing it" and politicians "merely mirror the sentiment" of voters.

His solution

He wants a tax system where an individual's first $30,000 would be tax-free, above that they would be taxed at a flat rate. ... The flip-side is that individuals would have to foot the bill for their own retirement, healthcare and insurance.

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