Old Man of Storr

The Old Man of Storr

On Monday I took the day off, so we went to the one thing Ida wanted to visit: the Old Man of Storr. We were not the only ones...

Taken when we drove away, gives some indication of the backdrop:

There were some amazing views, really blue water, when the sun shines:

Unfortunately, the old man was hidden in the clouds:

More close up it wasn't too bad:

Both boys managed to make personal contact:

And with its neighbour:

We had lunch up there as well:


We were up so high that the clouds were coming up underneath us:

It is an interesting landscape up there:

Auke and Dieuwe kept climbing:

And then we must confess a terrible crime. By the time the authorities read this we will be in international waters, so that is why we publish it here: the Old Man of Storr is no more:

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