Mexico City

Taps off for two million in water-starved Mexico City


Some two million residents of Mexico City on Thursday began 36 hours without water under an emergency plan over Easter vacation to respond to a record drop in water supply and to work on repairs. ...

They are part of a five-month emergency rationing plan announced in January, and include repairs to stop massive leaks in the distribution network of one of the main water supply systems.

Last Day in Mexico City

Today was the last day in Mexico City. We could sleep in for a change :D. I did and so did Dieuwe, as the rest of the family went out shopping Dieuwe and me cooked scrammbled eggs for the first time (they tasted quiet good, except that Dieuwe put to much salt on-grhhhh). Then daddy went to the internet cafe to do the photos which needed to be done urgently. In the meantime, the rest of us bought some nice food and and a drink :D. Then we went looking for a market that didnt exsist (a waste of time I must say :P), which we ofcourse didnt find. After that we went to go to the Museum and along the way bought some very nice Mexican food (mmhhh). When we came to the Museum, which was in a big park in Mexico City, we paid for entrance. Inside the Museum was the history of the war- Americans versus Mexicans-which was very intresting. Then we went to the pedal boats which was awesome ( Dieuwe and me in one of the boats and Mummy and Anne Roos in the other one), we even had a bit of a war which no one in particular one. After this it was time to go to the hostel again and have dinner (which consisted of potatoes, fish ans vegetables). We all even tried cactus, which I found didnt taste like anything.

So this was the last day in Mexico City. Mexico City has been pretty fun especially to experience a third-world country. The best thing about Mexico City was the food and the cheap prices. :D

The pictures I am describing are from top to bottom:

Pic 1. Here we are having some nice Mexican food at a street fender.

Pic 2. Here are the paddle boats on a lake in the park. Very fun.

Pic 3. Here are some Indians (or Aztec warriors) doing a dance infront of a crowd. It was awesome to watch.

Weird things in Mexico

You shouldn't throw the toilet paper in the toilet, but in a separate basket.

For safety reasons I've not included the waste basket. Trust me, people use it.

We need to get some healthy food tonight. This you can't by in New Zealand:

This is so weird, I don't know what to say:

Last day in Mexico

Today is the last day in Mexico. We went to the Park. They have many museums there, and we wnet to the Museum of History. It used to be a palace and castle. There are lots of squirrles running around, nad you can feed them. They are almost tame. After the museum we went in paddle boats on the lake. It was fun. We played around a lot.


Here are some squirrles. (I was feeding them)


Here's us in the boats. (Auke and I are going ot turn around and ram)

Mexico Center

Today we went to the old center of Mexico. There is nothing much left of the Aztec temples, as most of it is buried. The city is slowly sinking as it is built on a lake (you can't see the lake anymore as has been covered by dirt).

We learnt a lot about ancient Mexico. Our original plan was to go to a silver village out of town, but we were too late and missed the bus (oh well, as Matthew would say).

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