London in a day

Achieving a new personal record, we did London in 1 day. We started by taking the underground to the financial centre, along Starbucks, over London bridge, and from there walking along the south bank of the Thames to the Tower bridge. This is taken from London bridge:

We came along a very weird, but nice looking structure in a shopping centre along the bank.

The Tower itself:

And then a close up of the Tower bridge:

A very interesting building in the financial centre:

And along the Tower, back to the underground, past one of the few remaining pieces of the Roman wall that used to surround London:

Then to Waterloo station where we found the London Eye:

Long queues, but as we had booked beforehand (10% discount, thanks Ida!) the process was quite sped up for us. Here we are looking at the St.Paul's, about 50% up.

Coming down, Westminster:

For the kids the London Eye was the highlight of London probably.

Next stop was a Vodafone store. We walked along the Westminster ...

... to Nelson Square where I thought there must be a Vodafone shop. After a bit of trouble and asking for directions we found it. I wanted to have 3G access on my laptop, so I could continue to work. I had preloaded the drivers, so we plugged in the dongle, and it worked straight out of the box. On Linux. Amazing stuff. Basically up to Edinburgh we had 3G, after that GPRS unfortunately.

Then we went to Bakerstreet.

We had noodles after, and then it was bed time. Next day we would leave London to our next stop, Hadrian's wall.

From Hoevelaken to London

On July 21 we left Hoevelaken. Thanks to Heit, we had a car that could carry what we wanted to take!

First stop was Dunkirk, in France. While waiting for the boat, the kids street surfed:

About 11:30 the boat arrived:

Halfway between Dunkirk and Dover:

Same boat, but going in the other direction:

The white cliffs of Dover are in sight:

Above these cliffs was our first destination, Dover castle:

Aireal view:

And on the top itself, you see this:

They still have the remains of a Roman light house, this is me and Dieuwe at the entrance:

On our way to the tower. As usual I seem to have my head more in the guide book then the surroundings!

Really solid walls!

And here the Dover harbour. All in all a very interesting tour around a place that has been used for 2,000 years, from light house, castle, World War 2 command centre, to survival centre in case of nuclear attack. It also seems to have been the only castle with has had air defences.

And thanks to the GPS we arrived flawlessly at our destination (albeit, perhaps not by the smartest route). London is just such a drab place if you drive through it, only the pubs look like inviting places. But this is Hotel Balkan, the cheapest destination Ida could find in London: 180 pounds ($460 NZD) for two nights (two rooms).

London Eye

Yesterday, we traveled around London, but I am just going to tell you about my favourite place that we visited: The London Eye!!!

When we walked toward the London eye I was a little bit scared becuase it was so tall and big, but I got used to it. Luckly  my mum had booked omline other wise we would had to wait in a queue that was really  really long. The line getting on the london eye was also very long but it didn't take that long becuase their was a constant flow of people getting on and of.

So got on with some other people. It was so amazing!!!! When you were on top you could see all of London!! And the people looked like ants!

Well below are some pictures we took when we were on the London Eye.



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