Isle of Skye

Good bye Skye, good bye Scotland

On Thursday it was time to go home. We left at 9:30am, and were home at 18:30. That's indeed 33 hours, almost as long as to NZ. We first had to drive to Edinburgh, to get onto the ferry to Zeebrugge.

So first it was goodbye Skye:

The bridge, built in 1995 that did away with the need to go per ferry to Skye:

Then it was good bye Scotland:

After a 20 hour stay on the boat, we arrived in Zeebrugge.

Horse riding

Late in the afternoon we went horse riding, an activity AnneRoos quite looked forward to. The riding itself was a bit tame, but the environment will be hard to beat.

And yes we know, most horses you see are actually ponies...

Visit to the Campbell's

On Wednesday afternoon, August 12 we visited Alasdair's Mum and Dad. Not reachable per motor way:

Somewhere down there, on the right, it is:

This house will be a very familiar sight for some readers:

According to John Campbell, who also has visited New Zealand, Skye "can take quite a beating." We have to agree The view from his home:

We visited their church, which has a long history:

The insight had been recently renovated:

The graveyard behind the church:

It took a few tries, but we managed to get us all on one picture:

Dunvegan castle

We drove over the North tip of Skye, past Staffin which also had an FP church:

At the North Western tip we believe we saw the ferry from Uig to Tabbert:

And here Dunvegan castle. It is interesting because it has been the property of a single family, the Macleods, for over 800 years, possibly the longest on this earth. Certainly the family motto "hold fast" has been their guide:

From the top we had a nice view:

But from the water is was even better. We went to see the seals, which were just 500 metres away from the castle.

Up close the castle wasn't that interesting, but from the water it certainly was:


The Macleods table tops on the opposite side:


On Saturday we drove to Portree. Probably a typical day on the Isle of Skye. They get about 1500-2000mm a year, Broadford even seems to get up to 2800mm a year (Auckland gets 1200mm a year).

The road was fairly uphill at times:

And so we arrived in Portree, the biggest village on Skye, with somewhat less then 3000 inhabitants. This is the accommodation we have rented:

On Sunday we went to the FP church in Portree. An elder, John Campbell, took the service.


Our first stay on the Isle of Skye was in Broadford. We had to bridge a night. Accommodation was amazingly hard to find. Somehow the Isle of Skye is overrun by tourists in summer. Ida found some accommodation on Broadford. I had to work on the last bits of the SKOF website, and only at the window I had stable GPRS.

The hotel was indeed run down as we had read in the reviews, but the views from my window were simply among the best I've ever seen:

The Old Man of Storr

On Monday I took the day off, so we went to the one thing Ida wanted to visit: the Old Man of Storr. We were not the only ones...

Taken when we drove away, gives some indication of the backdrop:

There were some amazing views, really blue water, when the sun shines:

Unfortunately, the old man was hidden in the clouds:

More close up it wasn't too bad:

Both boys managed to make personal contact:

And with its neighbour:

We had lunch up there as well:


We were up so high that the clouds were coming up underneath us:

It is an interesting landscape up there:

Auke and Dieuwe kept climbing:

And then we must confess a terrible crime. By the time the authorities read this we will be in international waters, so that is why we publish it here: the Old Man of Storr is no more:

Towards the Isle of Skye

On Friday August 7 we left Fodderty Lodge to go the Skye. The car was expertly packed:

Scotland is indeed beautiful:

The church of Rev. Lachlan MacKenzie, at Lochcarron:

Lunch at Lochcarron:

Initially we didn't want to go to Applecross, but as it seemed Skye wasn't that far anymore and we had plenty of time, we did. And glad we were, this is one of the most stunning drives in this world:

In Scotland, there's always another mountain:

The beach in Applecross with Skye at the otherside:

An infrequent appearance at this beach:

No wireless, wifi or anything at Applecross, but Daddy could, and had to, work a bit:

Then it was time to make our way back:

Zig-zagging down the mountain:

Somehow I think Dieuwe took most of the pictures:

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