ice skating

Ice skating

It seems the weather will turn slightly warmer so last Saturday might well have been the last time we have ice skate. In the afternoon we went to the home of Ida's parents. We hadn't actually seen it as they had moved in after we last had been back to The Netherlands.

The kids went with "Opa" to the Uddelermeer, while Ida and I went to see if we could borrow some skates of the parents of our (through Ida's brother) sister-in-law Gerdien.

And yes, we found a fitting pair. It was already busy at the Uddelermeer, and blue clear skies as well:

I found Opa (Ida's dad) and Auke and Dieuwe ice skating:

But although they can start together, this was more the usual picture: Opa at the back, Dieuwe in the middle and Auke in the front:

And here the proof that yes, I was on the ice as well! It went sort of ok, would need to train a bit more to gain strength in my ankles as they weren't up to scratch to ice skate for more than 15 minutes at a time anymore.

Opa treated the kids on hot chocolate and split pea soup:

After a while Gerbert and Gerdien arrived as well with Hilde, their daughter and AnneRoos' niece:

All in all, a nice day.

Ice skating

It's winter in Holland. Real winter for the first time in many years. So that means ice skating on natural ice. Here Auke on the "Uddelermeer", a tiny lake on the Veluwe:

We were there with Gerbert, Ida's brother and his daughter:

It was busy as you can see. Supposedly there was about 15 centimetres of ice:

And AnneRoos was there as well of course:

And here a picture of a very cold Ida:

I had forgotten my camery, so these pictures are taken with my mobile, but they're not too bad actually. Some detail missing, but passable I think.

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