Honolulu, wrapup

Time to wrap up with some photos and stories of Hawaii that haven't made it to this blog so far. I couldn't get my wireless to work at our hostel in Mexico City, so had to venture out to an internet cafe to use my own computer.

Auke and Dieuwe slept on the same bed. The view of the city, at night or during the day was brilliant.

We had good internet in Hawaii, but expensive, $40 USD per week.

Wherever you are, pizza is the answer if you want to feed kids:

The Dole Plantation was actually quite interesting,especially the tour around the gardens:

And I now know how ananas grows:

There are actually dozens if not mor varieties, so not all varieties look and grow like this, but it is a fairly typical example.

None of the kids blogged about it, but while on board the U.S.S. Missouri we saw an actual nuclear submarine entering the harbour:

According to our guide it had been out on a training mission. And here a close up with the cadets ready to moor the boat:

 We left Hawaii on Friday morning, about 11am. And in style:

The inside was luxurious as well:

And here the plane which took us out of Hawaii, to Los Angeles actually. The plane departed at about 2pm, and we were in L.A. at about 9.30pm local time.

When we went out of the plane, Dieuwe was still reading:

We took the plane to Mexico City at 12pm, which arrived at about 5.30am. And we continued the whole day. So basically 36 hours without sleep. Were we tired!

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