Lewis & Harris

After having travelled over Skye a bit, we got a wild idea: Why not visit Lewis and Harris as well? We could perhaps do it in a single day! Because so many ministers of our church come from these remote parts. Why do they live there?

It appeared one cannot do it in a single day. But it was possible to take the Ferry Tuesday morning (9:30am) and take the early ferry the next day (07:10 am). So first we drove from Portree to Uig, which is about 30 minutes.

And from Uig to Tarbert on Harris it was about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Still a serious distance on a ferry. Imagine to have to do this every time you want to go somewhere!

Tuesdaymorning was rainy. A typical day on these Isles I suppose. Here comes the ferry:

Demand for the ferry is high:

Up the ferry:

The ferry terminal and Uig seen from the ferry. It's indeed a place of nothing, just a few houses:

Leaving the harbour:

And after one and a half hour there is Harris. Somewhere.

A typical picture on Lewis and Harris:

And so we made it to Stornoway, the biggest village on the island. The population seems to be 8,055 (there are about 20,000 people on Harris and Lewis). Here its ferry terminal:

And harbour facing facade:

Nothing that particularly stood out to photograph in Stornoway. Perhaps the herring girls? Or this college?

We couldn't find the FP church as the FP website didn't give a clear address, so we drove to the Callenish stones. This is probably the only attraction on the island as buses delivered busloads of tourists who could walk along some erect stones:

These are a few stones without the visitors. This is the site in full glory:

The island certainly has its share of natural beauty.

Lewis is a bit more hilly, while Harris is more rough. Rev. K.D. Macleod had invited us for dinner at 6pm, so we left Lewis to drive to Leverburgh on Harris.

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