On our way to Hadrian's wall

By the time of the emperor Hadrian, the Roman empire had ceased to expand. So the emperor, after visiting Brittain, ordered a wall to be build as a defence against the Picts. And built it was, between 122 and 130 AD. It's 117km long, and today you can walk the entire distance. This was our next destination. So on Thursday, after leaving London, we visited Notthingham where Dieuwe wanted to have a look, and then we drove to Greenhead, were Ida had found a barn. Getting there wasn't easy. Here the entrance, which we found after some effort:

Here some pictures we made when we left the barn, to give you an impression how you had to cross the river. Thankfully we were not more than 5 tons, else we had to drive through the water.

Note to Heit: no dents, the car is still in perfect condition :-)

And there was the barn:

Daddy had to work, so Mum and the kids went for a walk in the evening.

And came along the 12th century Thirlwall castle:

On the way home Dieuwe rescued a sheep that had become separated from its companions:

Then it was bed time. The kids were quite apprehensive when they heard they were going to sleep in a barn, but it turned out to be alright. As it will happen, they slept better in this barn then in the 4 star hotel the next night!

Finally rest for Ida. She has driven most of the time while I was working.

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