Gamescom 2009, Cologne, Germany

I just came back from thhe gamescom in Cologne, Germany. It was great. We left early in the morning at 7:45, and arrived just after 8:00. This was mostly thanks to the Germany motorways. I also learned never to open your window when travelling at 150 kph.

Here is the Cologne Dom whcih we passed on our way there:


Our Navman got us there without much trouble, we got parking and went inside.


Here are some pictures of the inside. The lighting was really terrible for taking pictures, but I got 2 good ones. They had 4 large halls dedicated to console and PC games.


Then when we were waiting in line for the Command and Conquer 4 live demo I caught a free Command and Conquer 4 t-shirt that was thrown into the addience, and then... guess who we saw... it was the one and only, THE Raj Joshi. So I walked up to him, shook his hand and asked for a picture...

Too bad it was really dark, but all is not lost!

We got interviewed for Battlecast Primetime, so we have a chance to get on the next Battlecast Primetime next week.


On the way back we experienced a German trafficjam, one minute you're driving at 10kph, the next you're at 150kph, the next you're at 10 kph again. It's a good way to burn out your breaks.

We also stopped for fuel. Now we know why Germans are so fast, you could buy special racing diesel. Too bad we didn't get a picture.


It was a great day. If we got on Battlecast Primetime, you'll hear about it soon.

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